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The Beacon // Charmwood Forest Leicestershire


Trees are great! I grew up on the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire, where there’s frankly not a lot to do but there is a whole load of ’em. You can’t move for trees – which you probably appreciate a little more when you’re not a surly teenager.

All these shot are just taken with an iPhone, then have Apple filters applied to them. Some of them were then dragged into Photoshop and had the black tone hoofed up with ‘selective colour’. I get the blue tones by shooting everything with the iPhones ‘Process Filter’ already turned on. Love that you can take photographs with the filter already visually in place.

Handily, Bradgate Park has loads of spooky looking, ancient oak trees all over the place that make great silhouettes against a wintery skyline. There’s lots of huge crows about if you can get lucky and poke some of those in the picture too. Charnwood also comes with craggy rocks all over the place. The top shot is taken at The Beacon – which has this really weird rock formation at the top – totally a huge rock giant sleeping on the hillside!

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