Sarah Anne Langton

When not planning world domination Sarah Anne Langton draws things, writes and catalogues her ever-growing shoe collection. Qualified Astronaut. Part time archaeologist. Full time geek.
General pixel witch and website tinkerer.

Sarah has worked as an Illustrator for EA Games, Hodder & Stoughton, Forbidden Planet, The Cartoon Network, Apple, Marvel Comics, Apex Publications, WauchulaGhost and a wide variety of music events. Written and illustrated for Angry Robot, Jurassic London, Fox Spirit, NewCon Press, Hachette and ‘The Fizzy Pop Vampire‘ series. Hodderscape dodo creator and Kitschies Inky Tentacle judge. Daylights as Web Mistress for the worlds largest sci-fi and fantasy website. Scribbles a lot about the X-Men, shouts at Photoshop and drinks an awful lot of tea. Responsible for ‘Zombie Attack Barbie‘ and ‘Joss Whedon Is Our Leader Now‘. Her work has featured on io9, Forbidden Planet, Laughing Squid and Creative Review.
British Fantasy Award 2015: Best Artist Nominee.
British Science Fiction Association 2015: Best Artwork Nominee.
British Fantasy Award 2016: Best Artist Nominee.


Sarah likes: Science fact & science fiction. Pixels & paint.
Arcane & ultramodern technology & shiny stars & space-travel.




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