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I Demand A Magnetic Corset

Design Steampunk posters for a Forbidden Planet promotion? Why, yes I’d love to. So whilst digitally stumbling about for a bit of inspiration I found the mighty handy Advertising Archives. It’s a huge collection of promotional graphics from the pre-1900s onwards. Awesome. If you need to fake-up anything, from Art Deco travel posters to 1950s bad girl crime books, this is the very place to start.

Lurking in the archives I found this wonderful poster for Harness Magnetic Corsets. Yes, not just corsets, magnetic corsets! Why, they look totally safe. There’s lots of similarly amusing stuff to take a look at – from times when smoking was just great and the ladies should mainly aspire to a new gas cooker.

I went with ‘dubious looking gas mask’ for the Forbidden Planet poster. Though not after spending a lot of time lost in 1950s Cadillac ads and the apparent joys of crimplene.

If you need to know more there’s a full history of the mildly alarming magnetic corset at The Quack Doctor.

Steampunk Poster: Forbidden Planet

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