Southwark, London



Bank Tube Station London

London Underground Stations



[drop_cap style=”color:#999;”]L[/drop_cap]ondon Underground stations are great for taking photographs. Particularly those on the Jubilee Line. Lovely for symmetrical, weird shots of escalators and some crazy perspective.

[drop_cap style=”color:#999;”]S[/drop_cap]outhwark Tube station – where most of these pictures were taken – is designed by MJP Architects and has got to be my favourite for shooting pictures. All these images are just snapped with an iPhone, on my way back from work but the tube station design is so fascinating you can get some really interesting shots. If you can – eventually – get all the commuters out of the snap, these London Underground stations start to look very ‘Weyland Yutani docking bay’. Everything appears straight out of a science fiction movie – the wonderful, heavy industrial, minimal design so easily gives the the feel of Aliens rather than ‘public transport’. Which I totally feel is a good thing!

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