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Portal 2 vs Alphonse Mucha

I really wanted to win the Portal 2 poster competition because you …erm… won a Portal poster. Well, it was that really smart 1970s action movie Portal poster right. Signed. Super.

Just design a Portal 2 poster. Okay, Alphonse Mucha designed far more beautiful posters than I ever could so Portal 2 vs Alphonse Mucha.

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  1. 11/14/2011 - Reply

    No GLaDOS? I’m sure it’s the poster Mucha would have design though. Hours of playing Portal not wasted!

  2. Daniel Moss
    11/15/2011 - Reply

    Lovely…Alphonse himself would be proud of it, I’m sure!!!…Dan x

    • 11/15/2011

      Ah, bless … erm… though he might have done it better and managed to draw GLaDOS…..

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