FOX POCKET FICTIONCover design for the Fox Spirit Fox Pocket anthologies




Fox Pockets! Small but perfectly formed collections of stories by a den full of talented writers, put together by Fox Spirit books for your enjoyment. All designed to fit perfectly into your pocket.

The basic grid I decided to used for the Fox Pockets cover design is a tweaked version of Penguin’s early 1960’s science fiction range. It’s a very deliberate nod to how much I adore their graphic design work. Classy, minimal, wonderfully understated. And I love their use of modern art as the perfect accompaniment to the science fiction genre. Penguin’s covers came with an abstract, surrealist tone. A subtle hint of Op Art, a little bit of Pop Art. Science fiction and fantasy speak to us of other worlds and other possibilities. Magic. Magick. When ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’. So I’ve always felt that publishers reliance on – however beautifully executed – traditional illustration for their science fiction/fantasy publications is often not actually as interesting, or innovative, as the titles content itself.

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