Book Jackets & Album Covers


I love the feel of working the cover design for something visually contemporary. Something that – hopefully – looks like a cool book to take a look at… regardless of any particular interest you may have in genre fiction. Lots of acid colours on black, with with reversed out, décollage images – I really like book covers with an abstract, post-punk, surrealist tone. Eduardo Paolozzi, Andy Warhol, Jamie Reid. A subtle hint of Op Art, a little bit of Pop Art. Not an oil painting of a space station insight. Science fiction and fantasy speak to us of other worlds and other possibilities. Magic. Magick. When ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’.

Rational order in the technological world can be as fascinating as the fetishes of a Congo witch-doctor – scientific phenomena became significant images.

- Eduardo Paolozzi -

I’ve always felt that publishers reliance on – however beautifully executed – traditional illustration for their science fiction/fantasy publications is often not actually as interesting, or innovative, as the titles content itself. Modern art can be the perfect accompaniment to the science fiction genre. Whether I’m using 1950’s retro imagery, or more contemporary artwork, I always try to make a books pictorial ownership as striking as possible. That always seems like a good starting point. Plan. When somebody has spent an awful lot of time writing a novel the very least I can do is try to give their words into the very best jacket I can.

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