The day job involves turning up at Forbidden Planet. Repeatedly. And quite often I get to design Forbidden Planet posters. Hey, there’s tea, lovely people, a huge Mac and, AND absolutely the best Science Fiction licences to illustrate with. These guys’ll end up as giant window display boards in the company’s stores… and honestly? Nobody likes working for the man but it’s pretty nice when Toho Films give you the okay for your Godzilla poster to go to print.

Most of this stuff is designed as AO and double AO window display boards – so, in some cases, over three meters high! The sheer size is actually quite difficult to work with – giant files that make your Mac unhappy and, basically having to take a guess what your design will actually look like – but you can get some spectacular result working on this scale. Making a three and a half meter tall Alien was pretty fun to unwrap when she arrived from the printers

I wanna introduce you to a good friend of mine. This is a M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimetre with over-and-under thirty…

– Cpl. Hicks

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