The Fizzy Pop Vampire: This fully illustrated children’s book takes a quirky look at what a tiny vampire might get up to in your kitchen. Maybe he’s stealing lemonade? The Fizzy Pop Vampire can’t be trusted one little bit! But a badly behaved vampire can be greedy. Stolen fizzy drinks and lazy dental hygiene just don’t mix.

A cautionary tale on the dangers of having a sweet tooth with twenty pages of full colour wobbly drawings and wonderful rhyme. A visual feast ideal for very small people. Adults who don’t want to grow up. And anybody who loves stuff with a peculiar twist.

Lemonade thieving Mr Fizz is available for your iPad/iPhone at the Apple iBook Store.There’s a more about how he sneaked into the world straight from the peculiar mind of author Den Patrick justy here. Some of my blatherings all about illustrating him right here!

And occasionally people seem to need illustrations of wobbly fat animals. And these are so fun to draw. I love really simple, pleasing shapes and seeing exactly how basic I can get the use of line and still retain the impression of what the illustration is actually of! I particularly like the work of Paul Klee – and one painting in particular – The Twittering Machine – very graphic, modern art but with a quirky humour that’s a little left of field. And I always remember his word on drawing when I’m trying to illustrate something…

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.

- Paul Klee -

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