Fox Spirit


Fox Spirit

Fox Spirit is celebrating the Femme Fatale..after a fashion, with our anthology ‘Wicked Women’ edited by Jenny Barber and Jan Edwards. These ladies are armed and dangerous.

From thieves and tyrants to witches and warriors, here are twelve tales of women who gleefully write their own rules, women who’ll bend or break the social norms, who’ll skate along the edge of the law and generally aim to misbehave.

– Fox Spirit –


Designing the cover for the Wicked Women Anthology actually turned out to be really difficult. Trying to find an image of a woman looking kick-ass cool and decidedly wicked but without appearing too “Miss Whiplash’ male fantasy turned out to be harder than you think. She needed to looked pretty hot stuff ‘bad girl’ but not somebody to be messed with!

I found this great cover to the Golden Age comics series ‘Crimes By Women’ on Comic Book+ that I totally fell in love with and used that as the basis for the cover design… whilst added a lot of particularly nasty looking knives an’ bullet holes!

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