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Robot vs Giant Squid!

Today I needed to draw something before the working world of Doctor Who action figures entirely destroyed my brain. Occupational hazard. And I love the Japanese woodblock prints designed by the artists of the ukiyo-e school. Exciting. Sophisticated. Perfect graphic art.

Ukiyo-e is derived from a Buddhist expression. It means ‘picture’ (e) of the ‘floating world’ (ukiyo). A world of urban pleasures and excitement to escape into. The theatres, restaurants, teahouses, geisha and courtesans of shogun era Tokyo.

Well, ‘pictures of the floating world’ sounds just great. I wanted to try to use the feel and style of the ukiyo-e school illustrations. It’s very tempting just to copy the amazing designs but I thought I should try and draw something from my world to escape into.

Robots and giant squid. Obviously.

There’s a great gallery of prints at, well, the Ukiyo-e Gallery if you want o take a look at the real thing.

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  • digitalpencils
    10/27/2011 9:47 pm

    Nice work with the giant squid there. Is that all hand drawn?

  • DanmanJP
    10/28/2011 7:21 pm

    Wonderful! I love this squid drawing….and the underwater effects work really well….and nice kanji!!!

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