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Speculative Fiction 2012…

Speculative Fiction 2012 From Jurassic London… Of Jurassic & Jackets…
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Speculative Fiction 2012 collects and celebrates the best non-fiction online – the top book reviews, essay and commentary of the year.

And could you maybe do a cover Sarah?

Well, it’s a wonderful idea for a book, so how could anybody refuse? I love the notion of people writing – authors timelessly scribbling away – but much of that content now heading off onto the interwebs. The written word finding a new home, adapting to work through a relatively new medium but still remaining, in essence, indistinguishable from the past.

Hopefully ‘Project Giant Typewriter’, as it was dubbed, brings some of that feel of across…

Speculative Fiction 2012 Sarah Anne Langton

Edited by the awesome Justin Landon and Jared Shurin this mighty tome goes on sale February 2013. All the details righty here!

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