The Stars Seem So Far Away

Cover Design For Margrét Helgadóttir

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Wars, famine and plagues rage across the dying Earth. Fleeing the deadly sun, humans migrate farther and farther north. The last shuttles to the space colonies, crammed to their limits, are long gone. The only plants and animals left are those that humans create in laboratories and artificial soil.
Guerrilla soldier Simik fights for independence for his forefathers’ land, once called the Green Land. On a remote island, Bjørg and her great white beasts guard a resource that could help ensure human survival. Sailor Nora plunders ships on the northern sea, while Zaki journeys to the promised land in the west. Amongst the legendary skyscrapers of plague-stricken Svalbard, Aida struggles to survive.

Five people in a future north. These are their tales.



The Stars Seem So Far Away

Sometimes you just hit so lucky with the elements of a cover design. Stars, ice, giant bears, snow, a crashed Hercules, apocalyptic cites… and people who long for the stars. Margrét Helgadóttir‘s tales of a future north actually had too much great imagery in it! Fox Spirit books and Margrét suggested a photomontage cover… and this is what I came up with for ‘The Stars Seem So Far Away’….

Please note – Brownie Points me – that’s actually the correct star maps on the book cover there!

Stars Seem So Far Away

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