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Illustration // Fizzy Pop Vampire Sneaky Sneak

Vampires & Fizzy Pop & Art Passes…

Now With Extra Giraffes.

Den Patrick created one of these. Awesome work Den. The peculiar little guy is The Fizzy Pop Vampire. For the most part he steals lemonade, cupcakes and hunts about for a new set of teeth. Poor dental hygiene, you see.Hello Mr Fizzy Pop Vampire
You can read more about him on your iPad. He’s actually a children’s book. Oh, and he has a best friend call Keith. Keith is a giraffe.
Keith The Giraffe for The Fizzy Pop Vampire

There’s also some penguins involved but, anyway, concerns with loosing your travel pass, or credit card, are clearly always a huge worry for vampires. Erm, really. Ahem. So we thought a Fizzy Pop Vampire Travel Card Holder was just the very thing. And not to mention that I love drawing the tiny vampire.Obviously, having no idea what I’m doing, massive help was needed. Very kindly on hand was Matt JOnes aka Lunartik. Awesome. Templates arrive. Packaging instructions appeared in inboxes. And it kinda looks a breeze but managing to get your design down on a card holder, so the pass and the packing works – with a 3mm print bleed – involves a lot of Jaffa Cakes. Nobody will be impressed, right, if you inadvertently chop off a giraffes head.

But several weeks of burning the midnight oil later there’s three finished pass illustrations and a packaging design. The cards pop outta the card holder so, a bit weirdly, you need to come up with a plan so the card looks good in the packaging, when it’s pushed out and when the design is folded in half to make the holder. And, generally, I’m not used to folk needing to fold my artwork in half.

Well, Den is good, Matt approves, so The Fizzy Pop Vampire then goes to Berlin to get printed up. And I get to worry about missing giraffe heads until a huge box turns up from Germany. And… AND… they’re all okay. Passes work, no ghastly typos, full compliment of giraffes. Phew.

So here you go…

[blockquote blockquote_style=”overlayed” align=”none” text_align=”center” cite=”- Forbidden Planet -“]

Who’s sneaking into the kitchen? The Fizzy Pop Vampire of course. He’s stealing your lemonade. Watch out! And tiny, sweet toothed vampires can’t be trusted with cupcakes one bit.

But the little guy would just love to help keep all your cards safe. Really, he would. So now your can travel in style with these very cool Fizzy Pop Vampire Card Holder Wallets. They’re all ready to pop your pass into!

Designed for your oyster, business and credit cards they’re perfect for art lovers on the go and make a lovely gift.


Now on sale at the Tate Modern, Satchi Gallery and Forbidden Planet right here. And if you fancy set of Series 5 Art Passes – there’s a Mr Fizz design in there too – you should go straight off to visit Mr Jone’s at lovely Lunartik Store.

A huge thank you to for ever patiently looking at stuff… and pointing out that lemonade shouldn’t be pink. Many thanks to Matt for sorting out dodgy design and much printing advice.

Hugs all round!

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