Words & Pixels

Books Vs Cigarettes…

Or ‘My First Webcomic’

Drawing a webcomic sounds fun. Sharpen those pencils and off you go. Easy. Well, till you realise that you actually have no idea what you’re doing. But, Hell, that’s never stopped me before. Armed with wondrous words from Danie Ware a page appeared. And, somewhat bizarrely, people seemed to kinda like it. Including the lovely folk at Geek Syndicate who’ve now given it a home.

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Twinkly Lights

The South Bank this evening. Probably not the most original place to take photographs but I can’t resist the stark modernist architecture… and the twinkly lights.

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I Demand A Magnetic Corset

Design Steampunk posters for a Forbidden Planet promotion? Why, yes I’d love to. So whilst digitally stumbling about for a bit of inspiration I found the mighty handy Advertising Archives. It’s a huge collection of promotional graphics from the pre-1900s onwards. Awesome. If you need to fake-up anything, from Art Deco travel posters to 1950s bad girl crime books, this is the very place to start.

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