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Peculiar Places #2

Step off Union Street and onto Redcross Way. You’re in a nondescript Southwark side street. Bisected by railway lines it borders an urban sprawl of undeveloped wasteland. Nothing remarkable here. Well, apart from a spontaneous shrine to the outcast dead of London.

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Peculiar Places #1

Tucked away under the platforms and tracks of Waterloo Station hides Leake Street. It’s 300 metres of ‘legal’ graffitti wall. Just head down York Road then wander off into the most promising looking place for you to get stabbed. You’re actually only likely to find some Nathan Barleys filming a crappy trainer ad, but it’s a curious pictorial zeitgeist of constantly-changing images and ideas. Meet the Fat Slags or take in a comment about Palestine.

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Me. I try to draw stuff. I try to write stuff. I try to remember how to tie my own shoelaces and that the real world isn’t scripted by Marvel.
(Though I honestly have my doubts sometimes…)

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