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Speculative Fiction 2012


Speculative Fiction 2012: Jurassic London
Speculative Fiction 2012 won the British Fantasy Society Award 2014 for Non-Fiction! So super pleased about that because Jared Shurin an’ Justin Landon did a amazing job of putting the project together, so many people contributed so much fascinating work and hey, I designed the cover as my tiny contribution to the whole thing!

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Stories Of The Smoke… ДЫМ

SNOB Magazine Russian Edition

Jurassic London’s ‘Stories Of The Smoke’, it turns out, has been published in Russia. Eight selections from ‘Stories of the Smoke’ have been translated and published, as part of a special edition hardcover, for SNOB magazine.

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Forbidden Planet Posters & Me.

Forbidden Planet Posters.

I Am Doing Something. Honestly.

The day job involves turning up at Forbidden Planet. Repeatedly. And quite often I get to design Forbidden Planet posters. Hey, there’s tea, lovely people, a huge Mac and, AND absolutely the best Science Fiction licences to illustrate with. These guys’ll end up as giant window display boards in the company’s stores… and honestly? Nobody likes working for the man but it’s pretty nice when Toho Films give you the okay for your Godzilla poster to go to print!

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Speculative Fiction 2013. With Robots.

Speculative Fiction 2013 celebrates the best in online non-fiction – the top book reviews, essays and commentary of the year. The 2013 collection is edited by Ana Grilo and Thea James of The Book Smugglers.

- Jurassic London -

Yeah, so stuff like that needs a cover. A little retro. And with robots is always good start… loved working on this!


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