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Zombie Attack Barbie

Zombie Attack Barbie!

A Girls’ Guide To Surviving The Apocalypse‘.

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  1. 11/29/2011

    Barbie kicks zombie ass! Nice photoshop fakery!

    • 11/30/2011

      Why thank you. I’m not too sure if I should have created her ‘doing the right thing’ ‘n taking out Ken though…

    • Benjameen

      Yes, Sarah, you should have, and about time SOMEONE figured it all out! Only YOU could have noticed the evil lurking within, the evil waiting to infest poor Barbie. She’s now ready to defend herself and maybe another person. She’s got GRENADES, and I think she’ll use them. I wish I could get my first and only Barbie, with camo, though it’s pink, bazookas and launcher and A BERET! Pink. Then there’s Ken. A piece of festering, smelly, garbage who’s been waiting to take a bite out of Barbie (and possibly any other woman he could get his greedy, vermin-infected fingers on.

  2. 11/30/2011

    […] Zombie Attack Barbie by Sarah Anne Langton From the 1950s onwards girls were encouraged to hone their zombie slaughtering skills in preparation for the inevitable apocalypse. Though young ladies dispose of the undead with ease today, toys such as Mattel’s 1962 ‘Zombie Attack Barbie’ were instrumental in helping to habituate girls to a new social norm where zombie disposal would become a very necessary life skill. […]

  3. 11/30/2011

    […] Zombie Attack Barbie, on the other hand, is a doll I can get […]

  4. 11/30/2011

    […] desde “La guía de las chicas para sobrevivir el apocalipsis” y diseñada por Sarah Anne Langton, nos llega la “Zombie Attack Barbie” modelo 1962, con todo lo que toda mujer […]

  5. 11/30/2011

    Kul….betcha it would sell like hotcakes in Mexico City. They just recently had a Zoombie flash mob happening.

  6. 11/30/2011

    Wow, I wonder if I could bring this doll to, and I use the word loosely life. Just gotta find me a few 12 inch G.I. Joe action figures.

  7. 12/01/2011

    […] of the Day: Designer Sarah Anne Langton gives Barbie the most important career of all — zombie killer — as part of The Girl’s Guide to Surviving the […]

  8. 12/01/2011

    […] Se han hecho prácticamente todas las versiones de Barbie que nos podamos imaginar, de las más geeks a las más frikis, pero aún nos faltaba una: La Zombie Attack Barbie. […]

  9. 12/01/2011

    […] Secretarticbase, Neatorama. Archivada en: Curiosidades, Geek, Humor, Juguetes, WTF Etiquetada con: Barbie, […]

  10. 12/01/2011

    […] This clever image shop by Sarah Anne Langton of Secret Arctic Base shows exactly how awesome a Barbie doll would be if the Zombie craze happened five decades earlier. Throw a few of those Zombie Ken dolls in the mix, and you’d have the ultimate playtime doomsday scenario, just with more pink and effeminate, formerly-living boyfriends. […]

  11. 12/01/2011

    […] pas ce kit Barbie dans les boutiques de jouets, il s’agit d’un jolie  « fake » crée par Sarah Anne Langton. C’est presque […]

  12. 12/01/2011

    […] let’s give major kudos to artist Sarah Langton and hope that something like this comes into existence very […]

  13. 12/01/2011

    […]Esta Barbie Ataque Zombie viene equipada con bazookas, ametralladoras, katanas, granadas y hasta un bat de cricket como el que utilizan en la película “Shaun of the Dead” para acabar con cuanto zombie […]

  14. 12/01/2011

    […]I’m not going to be a pro-Barbie as a toy kind of father. I won’t of course tell her no if she wants one but I won’t try to push them on her, unless of course this is the one she’s asking for. […]

  15. 12/01/2011

    […] graphic designer Sarah Anne Langton comes an epic re-imagining of a post-apocalyptic Barbie! Ken has become a fucked up zombie, now its […]

  16. 12/01/2011

    […] Well, jokes beside, this is just a mock-up, a design by Sarah Anne Langton: secretarcticbase.com […]

  17. 12/01/2011

    […] Bueno la realidad del asunto es que no se trata de una Barbie real, nunca existió, se trata de un diseño a manera de broma realizado por Sarah Anne Langton: secretarcticbase.com […]

  18. 12/01/2011

    […] striking engineer Sarah Anne Langton: From a 1950s onwards girls were speedy to file their zombie slaughtering skills in credentials for […]

  19. Cheryl

    Where can I get one of these for a friend? Lovelovelove!

  20. Samantha

    They should put this up for sale my cousin would love this soooo much

  21. 12/02/2011

    […] alle Zombie Freunde. //via Secretarticbase Falls dir der Beitrag gefallen hat, drück doch einfach auf “gefällt mir” – […]

  22. Texlenin

    What’s that in the case to the bottom right? Damned if those
    don’t look like nuclear detonators from the movie “Silent Running”
    Watch the last part on Utube and doublecheck me!
    Is the Corvette with Minigun not included? Drat.

  23. 12/02/2011

    […] graphic designer Sarah Anne Langton: From the 1950s onwards girls were encouraged to hone their zombie slaughtering skills in […]

  24. 12/02/2011

    […] 僵尸只需要吃肉,它才不管是漂亮妹纸还是刚猛男纸呐。所以芭比娃娃们,现在也是需要你们站出来的时候呐,拿起设计师Sarah Anne Langton 为你们设计的武器,来对付那些无脑僵尸吧。 […]

  25. 12/02/2011

    […]Lo que voy a decir es una obviedad, pero es responsabilidad nuestra estar preparados para la apocalipsis zombie que se avecina. Y Barbie […]

  26. 12/03/2011

    […] SecretArcticBase via Neatorama […]

  27. 12/03/2011

    […] Ainda sou do tempo em que as raparigas brincavam com bonecas. […]

  28. 12/04/2011

    […] que se avecina y qué mejor manera que a través del juego. Estas navidades no dudes en regalar la Barbie Zombie Attack. Imprescindible en tu refugio anti-zombie si te vas a llevar a los […]

  29. 12/04/2011

    […] occasions, why not one that fights zombies? Zombie Attack Barbie is a design by Sarah Anne Langton. Link -via Laughing Squid Posted in Fan Art SHARE THIS Twitter Facebook Delicious […]

  30. 12/04/2011

    […] Se han hecho prácticamente todas las versiones de Barbie que nos podamos imaginar, de las más geeks a las más frikis, pero aún nos faltaba una: La Zombie Attack Barbie. […]

  31. 12/05/2011

    […] Sarah’s Website viaZombie Attack Barbie [laughingsquid] […]

  32. 12/05/2011

    […] Zombie Attack Barbie! | Sarah Anne Langton. […]

  33. 12/05/2011

    […] Sarah’s Website viaZombie Attack Barbie [laughingsquid] […]

  34. 12/06/2011

    […] Sarah’s Website via Zombie Attack Barbie [laughingsquid] […]

  35. 12/06/2011

    […] Sarah Anne Langton] From the 1950s onwards girls were encouraged to hone their zombie slaughtering skills in […]

  36. 12/06/2011

    Barbie needs a pink Crovel! Check out Mandi’s Crovel on Zurvived. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMJ6pfxQEow

  37. 12/08/2011

    […] out the original website for Zombie Attack Barbie created by Sarah Anne Langton![…]

  38. 12/10/2011

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  39. Frank

    This is posted on Everyday No Days Off (everydaynodaysoff.com)

  40. 12/18/2011

    […] Malheureusement c’est un fake. Mais quand même. […]

  41. 12/19/2011

    […]Je crois que Barbie est définitivement le personnage ayant eu le plus de métiers au monde.[…]

  42. 12/23/2011

    […] After decades of scarring girls by giving them an unfit ideal of beauty, physique issues and eating disorders, it’s good to see that Barbie will now be doing something prolific […]

  43. 12/26/2011

    […] Zombie Attack Barbie – No laughing at the pink camo bazooka. Zombie Barbie is a serious lady on a serious zombie-killing mission. And don’t forget zombie Ken, because even Barbie has those those moments when she wants to blow her boyfriend away. […]

  44. 01/18/2012

    […] Zombie Attack Barbie! Schönes Zombie Attack-Barbie von Sarah Anne Langton, ich mag ja sehr, dass sie sich eine kleine Backstory zum ihrem Toy hat einfallen lassen (via Neatorama) […]

  45. 02/22/2012

    tenue parfaite! très mignonne!