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Stories Of The Smoke… ДЫМ

SNOB Magazine Russian Edition

Jurassic London’s ‘Stories Of The Smoke’, it turns out, has been published in Russia. Eight selections from ‘Stories of the Smoke’ have been translated and published, as part of a special edition hardcover, for SNOB magazine.

‘Pandemonium: Stories Of The Smoke’ collected tales inspired by Dickens’ London. And SNOB, in partnership with the British Council, were interested in publishing a volume with a similar theme – which would also include new work from contemporary Russian authors. The British Council facilitated this wonderful literary endeavour and – wow – a loverly hardcover books then turns up from the Russian Embassy’s diplomatic pouches. Really.

Along with ‘Uncle Smoke’: Archie Black, ‘The Hound of Henry Hortinger’: Michelle Goldsmith, ‘Necropolis’: Jonathan Green, ‘Cuckoo’: David Thomas Moore, ‘An Unburdening of the Soul’: David Thomas Moore, ‘The Collection’: Esther Saxey, ‘The Pickwick Syndrome’: Kaaron Warren’ my tale of Mr Bullseye – you can read a little bit here – and dubious bodysnatching activities all get included.

As somebody who never expect to be published in English, let alone Russian, big thank you-s to Anne C. Perry for a top editing job on ‘Bullseye’ plus Jared Shurin, the British Council and, of course, SNOB Magazine for making the whole project happen. Spasibo!

More about the project right here at Jurassic London

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